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Shimokawa Mikuni

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Shimokawa Mikuni promoting "tsubomi" (2009)

Shimokawa Mikuni is a Japanese pop singer under Pony Canyon. She is most known for her Full Metal Panic! theme songs. She is noted for her sweet singing voice and light-hearted and optimistic pop tunes.


  • Name: Shimokawa Mikuni (下川みくに)
  • Birthday: March 19, 1980 (age 34)
  • Birthplace: Shinhidaka, Hokkaido
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 155cm
  • Instrument: Piano


Shimokawa Mikuni is a Japanese singer who does a lot of work with the anime industry. Originally she started out with girl group Checkicco with Tanaka Rina and Yahagi Miki. For a short time, she was also member of the group's all girl band CHEE'S before graduating from the group in early 1999. She is also currently an interviewer on the show Anipara Ongaku LIVE. She has already released two anime song cover albums as well.

Her credits include performing the theme songs to the Full Metal Panic! anime series ("tomorrow / Karenai Hana", "Sore ga, Ai Deshou / Kimi ni Fuku Kaze" and "Minamikaze / Mou Ichido Kimi ni Aitai"). She also did a small seiyuu role in Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu?.

She is also the vocalist to the band NapsaQ with Matsugashita Hiroyuki and Ito Takayuki. With their debut release NapsaQ ~Seishun Song Request~ they covered J-Pop songs requested by fans.


Shimokawa Mikuni promoting Reprise ~Shimokawa Mikuni Anisong Best~ (2007)


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