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Step By Step (Moritaka Chisato)

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Album Cover
Moritaka Chisato
Catalog Number
EPCA-7002 (CD)
EPTA-7002 (CT)
  1. Kibun Sokai (Album Version) (気分爽快; Feeling Refreshed)
  2. Wakasa no Hiketsu (若さの秘訣; Youth Mysteries)
  3. Zuruyasumi (ずる休み; Playing Hookey)
  4. Otoko Nara (男なら)
  5. Natsu no Hi (夏の日; Days of Summer)
  6. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
  7. Torikago (鳥かご; Birdcage)
  8. Hoshi no Oujisama (星の王子様; The Star's Prince)
  9. Watashi no Daiji na Hito (私の大事な人; My Important Person)
  10. Ichido Asobi ni Kite yo (一度遊びに来てよ; Visit One More Time)
  11. Office Machi no Koi (オフィス街の恋; The Office Town's Love)
  12. Taifuu (台風; Typhoon)
  13. Kaze ni Fukarete (風に吹かれて; Blowing in the Wind)
  14. STEP BY STEP ~Kare no Jinsei~ (彼の人生; His Life)


STEP BY STEP is the ninth studio album released by Moritaka Chisato. The album reached #3 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for seventeen weeks, selling 573,000 copies. It also reached #22 on the yearly Oricon chart for 1994.

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