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Suki da yo. ~100-kai no Koukai~

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Digital Single Cover
Sonar Pocket
Suki da yo. ~100-kai no Koukai~ (好きだよ。~100回の後悔~)
2010.12.08 (recochoku)
2011.12.06 (iTunes)
  1. Suki da yo. ~100-kai no Koukai~ (好きだよ。~100回の後悔~; I Love You. ~100 Regrets~)


"Suki da yo. ~100-kai no Koukai~" is the first digital single released by Sonar Pocket. It was released to promote their second album, Sonapokeism ② ~Anata no Uta~. An acoustic version was later released on their third album, Sonapokeism ③ ~Kimi to no 365 Nichi~.

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