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Superfly (2017)

Superfly is a Japanese pop-rock singer under Warner Music Japan label. Superfly started as a duo, however Tabo Koichi decided to leave the group in November 2007, remaining as the composer only.


Former Member


Superfly promoting "My Best Of My Life" (2009)
Superfly promoting "Beep!! / Sunshine Sunshine" (2011)
Superfly promoting "Ai wo Karada ni Fukikonde" (2014)
Superfly promoting "Kuroi Shizuku" (2015)
Superfly promoting "99" (2016)

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  • [2008.06.29] - [2008.07.22] Superfly Rock’N’ Roll Show 2008
  • [2008.10.10] - [2008.11.09] Superfly アンコールツアー 2008「Rock'N'Roll Show Vol.II」
  • [2009.02.11] - [2009.02.14] Superconnection 1st Anniversary Event CONNECTION VOL.1 (Fan Club Concert)
  • [2009.10.01] - [2009.12.05] Superfly Box Emotions Tour 2009
  • [2009.12.14] Superfly 2009: Dancing at Budokan!!
  • [2012.10.26] - [2013.01.18] Superfly Tour 2012-13 "Live Force"


Band Scores

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