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TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE "Live at Budokan 2013"

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Limited Blu-ray Cover
Blu-ray Cover
DVD Cover
Video Release
Catalog Number
AVXD-91695~7 (Limited Blu-ray Edition)
AVXD-91698 (Blu-ray Edition)
AVBD-92070~1 (DVD Edition)
¥10,000 (Limited Blu-ray Edition)
¥6,500 (Blu-ray Edition)
¥5,600 (DVD Edition)
"DVD / Blu-ray" Live Tracklist
  1. Attack Hyper Beat POP
  2. W.M.A.D
  3. Futari Kiri (ふたりきり)
  4. Liar
  5. Don't Be Cruel
  6. Kitto Wasurenai,,, (きっと 忘れない、、、)
  7. Kodou no Himitsu (鼓動の秘密)
  8. Tsuki to Sayonara (月とサヨウナラ)
  9. Regret.
  10. Unmei (運命)
  11. Spika (Konishi Ayano solo)
  12. Maji Ben NOW! (マジ勉NOW!) (Arai Hitomi solo)
  13. Day By Day (Nakae Yuri solo)
  14. Umbrella (Yamabe Miyu solo)
  15. Kawaii Rave (Shyoji Mei solo)
  16. Get The Star
  17. Partition Love
  18. Mine
  19. Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru (頑張って いつだって 信じてる)
  20. Chiisana Kiseki (ちいさな奇跡)
  21. Himawari to Hoshikuzu (ヒマワリと星屑)


  1. Onnaji Kimochi (おんなじキモチ)
  2. Kirari☆ (キラリ☆)
Bonus Footage
  1. Making Movie
"Limited Blu-ray" Disc 2 Tracklist
  1. 3rd JAPAN TOUR 2013 ~"Yakusoku"~ documentary film (3rd JAPAN TOUR 2013 ~『約束』~ ドキュメンタリー映像)
    1. Bad Flower [LIVE@YokohamaBLITZ 2013.5.19]
    2. Sore de Ii Jan [LIVE@YokohamaBLITZ 2013.5.19]
    3. Zepp Tokyo Making
    4. Maboroshi [LIVE@YokohamaBLITZ 2013.5.19]
    5. Zepp Nagoya Making
    6. Zepp Namba Making
    7. Discord [LIVE@YokohamaBLITZ 2013.5.19]
    8. Zepp Fukuoka Making
    9. Unmei [LIVE@YokohamaBLITZ 2013.5.19]
    10. Futari Kiri [LIVE@YokohamaBLITZ 2013.5.19]
    11. Rensa Making
    12. Zepp Sapporo Making
    13. YokohamaBLITZ [2013.5.18] Making
    14. YokohamaBLITZ [2013.5.19] Making
    15. Yakusoku [LIVE@YokohamaBLITZ 2013.5.19]
"Limited Blu-ray" Disc 3 Tracklist
  1. Suresure TV Premium live footage (スレスレTV PREMIUM LIVE映像)
    1. Himawari to Hoshikuzu
    2. W.M.A.D
    3. Sore de Ii Jan
    4. Fashion show
    5. Unmei
    6. Arai Hitomi's Magic Show
    7. Yamabe Miyu's Performance
    8. Bad Flower
    9. LolitA☆Strawberry in summer
    10. Nakae Yuri's Manzai
    11. Koudou no Himitsu
    12. Liar
    13. Konishi Ayano's Drums
    14. Shyoji Mei and police dog MAX
    15. Onnaji Kimochi
    16. Get The Star
    17. Last Forever

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE 『LIVE AT BUDOKAN 2013』 is the fourth live DVD released by TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE. It contained the recording of their December 22, 2013 performance at the Nippon Budokan. It was released in three versions, a DVD, a Blu-ray and a limited Blu-ray edition. This was the group's second time performing at the venue.

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