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TOUCH promoting "Gachi Geotja" (2012)

TOUCH (터치) is a 5-member Korean group debuted in 2010 with their self-titled mini-album Touch under YYJ Entertainment. The group name is an acronym for "The Original Undeniable Charismatic Homme ".


Former Member

TOUCH promoting Touch (2010)
TOUCH promoting Too Hot 2 Handle (2011)

Lineup Changes

Originally a 7-member group, in May 2011 the group released their second mini-album as a five-member group after Da Bin (now a member of Boys Republic) left, and health issues forced Min Seok to not participate on the group' new release.

Leader Han Jun left the group in October of 2011 to pursue his solo career and new member Jae Wook joined the group. It was announced in April 2012 that main vocalist Jun Yong enlisted in the army while Young Hun left the group due to family reasons. It was later also announced their comeback as, again, a five member group including two new members, Chul Min and Kang Hyun.

All this changes made TOUCH's first three releases to be promoted each time by a different line up.

In May 31 of 2013, it was confirmed on TOUCH's official Facebook that Kang Hyun withdrew from the group in order to focus on his studies and new member Sang Wook was added.

Korean Discography


Digital Singles

Japanese Discography



  • [2012.12.06] 20th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards - Teen Rookie Group

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