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Ta Shuo

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Regular Cover
Deluxe 2CD+DVD Cover
Premiere Video CD+DVD Cover
JJ Lin
Ta Shuo (她說; She Says)
2011.01.21 (Deluxe 2CD+DVD Edition)
2011.04.02 (Premiere Video CD+DVD Edition)
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Ta Shuo (她說; She Says)
  2. Ai Xiao De Yanjing (愛笑的眼睛; Smiling Eyes) (Vivian Hsu cover)
  3. Zhi Dui Ni You Ganjue (只對你有感覺; Feel For You) (Fahrenheit & Hebe Tian cover)
  4. Dang Ni (當你; Whenever) (Cyndi Wang cover)
  5. Yiyan Wannian (一眼萬年; Forever) (S.H.E cover)
  6. Baohuse (feat. Angela Chang) (保護色; Protective Color) (Angela Chang cover)
  7. Wo Buzhu De Ta (握不住的他; The Taste of Love) (Xiao Xiao cover)
  8. Xin Qiang (心牆; Heart Wall) (Claire Guo cover)
  9. Wo Henxiang Ai Ta (我很想愛他; Loving Her) (Twins cover)
  10. Yi Qian Bian Wo Ai Ni (一千遍我愛你; I'll Love You for an Eternity) (Annie Yi cover)
  11. Jide (記得; Remember) (A-Mei cover)
  12. Wanmei Xinshijie (Bonus Track) (完美新世界; Perfect World) (Regular Edition)
  13. I AM (Bonus Track) (Regular Edition)
CD2 Tracklist
  1. Wanmei Xinshijie
  2. I AM
DVD Tracklist
  1. Ta Shuo (Short Film)
  2. Ta Shuo (Snapshots)
  3. Ta Shuo (Highlights)
  4. Ta Shuo (Scenes)
  5. Ta Shuo (MV)
  6. Jide (MV)
  7. Ai Xiao De Yanjing (MV)
  8. I AM (MV)
  9. Wanmei Xinshijie (MV)


Ta Shuo is the first cover album released by JJ Lin. The songs that were covered were originally written by JJ Lin and sung by female singers. The album was later re-released with a bonus CD, bonus DVD, poster, and collectible card. It was re-released again in April 2011 without the second CD.

G-Music Charts

JJ Lin promoting the album
Week Rank Sales (%)
2 17.80
1 21.98
3 5.15
11 1.96
7 3.10
8 1.48
8 1.58
11 0.96

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