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Tayama Mamiko

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Tayama Mamiko (田山真美子) is a Japanese actress, former idol, and former member of the idol group Rakutenshi. She made her debut in 1986 as actress first on the television dorama Mori Mori Bakkun. She later gained popularity by appearing in various idol games in the late 80s. Due to this newly found popularity, Tayama started her own music career in 1989 with the single "Seishun no EVERGREEN". During the same year, Tayama became a member of Rakutenshi and also a member of Nanatsuboshi a year after.

However, she quit the idol business in 1991 and became an actress. She also released her first all nude photobook "La Murissant".


  • Birthdate: March 29, 1975
  • Birthplace: Iwate Prefecture
  • Blood Type: O





  • [1991.01.xx] La Murissant
  • [1992.01.xx] MASQUERADE
  • [1994.08.xx] BRIGHT
  • [1995.12.xx] Pureness

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