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Tsushima Haruka

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Tsushima Haruka (2018)

Tsushima Haruka (對馬桜花) is a member of Up-Front Group as a member of College Cosmos.


  • Birth Name: Tsushima Haruka (對馬桜花)
  • Birthdate: March 24, 1999 (1999-03-24) (age 19)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Specialties: Making sweets
  • Hobbies: Muscle training, yoga
  • Education: Rikkyo University (Literature)
  • Up-Front Groups:



  • FM FUJI "Gekidan Samba Carnival" (劇団サンバカーニバル) (Regular)

Web Series

  • GYAO! "News na Joshidaisei to Katou Kouji" (ニュースな女子大生と加藤浩次) (Regular)


  • Ryuu yo, Ookami to Odore ~Dragon, Dance, With Wolves~" (龍よ、狼と踊れ) (Rei Kijin)



  • Sayama Ski-ba 2017-2018 (狭山スキー場2017-2018) (Official Model)
  • Sekisui House Kigyou Group (セキスイハウス 企業グループ)
  • B-R 31 Ice Cream Kabushikigaisha (B-Rサーティワンアスクリーム株式会社)
  • Kabushikigaisha Kururi Furisode Model (株式会社くるり 振袖モデル)
  • Coca Cola "Georgia" (コカコーラ「ジョージア」)

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