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UN (유엔) was a Korean Pop male duo debuted in 2000 and disbanded in 2005. Although their music was a mix of different genres, most of their songs are predominantly pop ballads with a twist of R&B. UN is an acronym for "United N-generation".



In 1999, the duo, who are both from the top universities in Korea, got together and formed UN but it wasn't until June of 2000 that they released their first album.

In 2003, the duo released the album Sweet & Strong, this album was not credited to the group but to "Kim Jung Hoon & Choi Jung Won" as it contained 12 songs (+ 2 instrumentals), of which each member sang six.

In September 2005, 5 years after their debut and 5 albums later, their management agency, Laful Entertainment, announced that the duo would disband after the expiration of their contract. The two members focused on their separate careers as individual actors and singers.



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