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Ueda Kenji

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Ueda Kenji

Ueda Kenji (上田ケンジ), is a Japanese rock singer, bassist, songwriter and composer. He is well known as being one of the original members of Kenzi & The Trips. He has had his own solo career since 2000 under Bumbleebee Records.



Ueda began playing acoustic guitar at age 9. In 1983, Ueda quit high school at age 18, and went to Tokyo by invitation of Kenzi who was a senior at the school. Ueda joined the punk band Kenzi & The Trips in 1980 as the bassist. But sadly the band broke up in 1987 and Ueda quickly joined the group the Coinlocker Babies in Hokkaido with Yamanaka Sawao, Manabe Yoshiaki and Sato Shinichiro. After re-recording some of the music from their earlier demo and renaming the band to the pillows they signed with Pony Canyon and came out with their first major release MOON GOLD in 1991. In 1992, Ueda left The Pillows because of discord with other members and difference in music.

In 2000, Ueda released his first solo album Forever Love under Bumblebee Records.




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