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Check Your Work211:14, 21 October 2017
Image Tags917:03, 20 October 2017
Page titles416:54, 20 October 2017
Moving Pages017:14, 31 August 2017
Quotes vs. Italics015:54, 28 August 2017
Style Guide213:57, 27 July 2017

Check Your Work

I keep seeing recurring mistakes you are making. Please read the messages posted on this thread and go back to your pages to see what changes have been made.

Common mistakes I keep seeing include:

  • Capitalizing entire titles
  • Incorrectly categorizing images and pages
  • Incorrectly titling pages

Please be aware of these mistakes and check your work in the future to make sure everything is as it should be. Thank you! :)

Revenantsoulx319:15, 14 September 2017

Please take note and adjust the mistakes in future pages:

Revisions to Your Work
Revisions to Your Work
Revisions to Your Work
Revisions to Your Work
Revisions to Your Work

And please correct any pages you have done that we have yet to correct. Thank you.

Revenantsoulx3 (talk)17:17, 20 October 2017

I apologise but I cannot stand this anymore. I understand that it is customary for Japanese titles to be written romanized as that has always been custom but that is not true for Kpop or Korean releases. If there's an official English title for a release, then that is used by international fans, while the Korean title is used by the Korean fans, romanized titles are NEVER used. Generasia, as far as I am concerned, is a site for international fans and thus using the official English titles should be a priority. Instead, admins try and stick to romanization and google translating the Korean titles even when there's an official English translation which is not only useless additional work but are also pointless. Why? Because this site should cater to the READERS not the EDITORS. Easy navigation and comprehensible layout should be the absolute priority. Romanization of titles just makes everything confusing and ugly to look at.

I'm sorry but I cannot continue helping a website grow when the admins stick to outdated practices that don't consider the reader to be the most important. Not to mention that there are many things I've run across that should take priority when editing such as, keeping discography portions well organised and consistent and keeping member profiles updated.

And this is not just me raving. Any person I've asked in the Kpop community has agreed that the romanization of Korean titles is, excuse my language, the dumbest shit they've ever seen. With that I'd like to say goodbye and that I'll from hereon stop contributing to the site. I'd hope you will address these problems but I don't see that happening.

RageQueen (talk)11:14, 21 October 2017

Image Tags

Please tag images uploaded appropriately. Thanks!

[[Category:Promo Images]]
Revenantsoulx320:18, 11 July 2017

Oh hello! Sorry about that. I see you're an admin, may I ask a few questions if you've some time?

RageQueen19:44, 13 July 2017

Hey so, I'd like to ask 2 things. How did you edit your profile? Did you make your badges? They look really nice :3.

And you probably noticed but I added a few of the song pages for LOONA 1/3's "Love & Live" album. Could you check if they look alright and if there's anything that should be changed on the pages before I add the remaining ones?

RageQueen15:54, 27 July 2017

Hey! The badges you can add to your page. You can click on, say, the word "English" in on the English language badge, and it will take you to a page that will explain how to add them to your own page. :]

I checked out your edit, however the reason there wasn't a number next to the second track was because they are both #8 on the tracklists, just on different versions of the album.

Hope that helps! :]

Revenantsoulx316:47, 27 July 2017

Thank you I'll try to add them then.

OH alright, sorry for that then. But I was mainly talking about these pages: Fairy Tale (LOONA 1/3), Ar Su Eoptneun Bimil (Sonatine), 3woreul Gidaryeo (Valentine Girl) and if they look alright cause I don't want to make the remaining song pages with the same mistakes (if there's any).

Also forgot to ask, is there a specific programming language Generasia uses? I know some basic HTML and CSS but I don't recognize some of the commands that are used.

RageQueen18:42, 27 July 2017

Those pages are pretty good, I made a few minor changes so you can take note of those. :)

Revenantsoulx320:44, 27 July 2017

We use wikitext/wikicode, which is an open-source markup language developed by MediaWiki. It employs some HTML (examples here) and CSS elements (examples here), and you might have noticed some used sparingly across generasia's pages. (: It also supports mathematical formulas by way of LaTeX and optional parsing using OCaml, if you dislike the de-facto use of PHP. You can read more about it here if you are interested.

Thanks for your contributions,

Sx3Ne19:38, 27 July 2017

Bumping this thread, please check the revisions made to ELRIS' Color Crush cover.

Revenantsoulx316:17, 13 September 2017

Please remember to tag digital covers with

[[Category: Digital Cover]]
Revenantsoulx3 (talk)17:03, 20 October 2017

Page titles

Please use romanized Korean for song titles instead of their English translation (unless the song name is in English)!

Thank you,

Sx3Ne10:55, 8 September 2017

Both The Blue Night of Jeju Island and When The Wind Blows have official English translations which I use in every case that it's available as, from experience, no one looks for a song by looking up the romanized version of its title.

I'm also noticing that you've completely removed "The Blue Night of Jeju Island" from The Blue Night of Jeju Island (which is the official English title of the song) and instead included a mirror translation of the korean title which makes no sense whatsoever.

RageQueen12:16, 8 September 2017

Sx3Ne is correct. Please use romanized Korean for song titles, not their translations, even if the translation is official.

Revenantsoulx319:13, 14 September 2017

Bumping again, because I have seen you keep using the translation instead of the romanization.

Revenantsoulx3 (talk)16:54, 20 October 2017

I don't really pay attention to the K-pop side of this wiki so I apologize. What I suggest you do is create the page with the romanized title then have the page with the official English translated title redirect to said romanized page.

Sx3Ne13:00, 8 September 2017

Moving Pages

Instead of deleting pages, you should move them.

i.e. I'm OK (Cosimc Girl) & I'm OK (Cosmic Girl)

Top right-hand corner, hover over the down arrow and choose "Move" and rename the page to the correct title.

Supermelon17:14, 31 August 2017

Quotes vs. Italics

  • Long works (albums, mini-albums) get ''Title'' which shows as italics on the page. Short works (singles and songs) get "Title" the quotations.
  • Also please remember to add the Information tab when making Song Pages.
Themonkeyofdoom15:54, 28 August 2017

Style Guide

Hi and welcome to Generasia! Thank for your recent contributes!! When you get a chance please look over the Style Guide. We also have a reference list put together by another member of how to style song pages. If you have any questions please let me know!

Themonkeyofdoom22:52, 26 July 2017

I'm also noticing a lot of incorrect categories tagged on pages. Here some examples of how they should be vs how you were tagging them.

Themonkeyofdoom23:04, 26 July 2017

Oh god thank you! I was looking for these but couldn't find them. Going to pay more attention to this from now on ^^

RageQueen13:57, 27 July 2017