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W (duo)

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W in Fall 2005 promoting Miss Love Tantei

W (ダブルユー) (also known as Double U or Double You) was a Hello! Project duo consisting of Tsuji Nozomi and Kago Ai. It has been disbanded since Kago's contract was terminated.


W debuted on January 3, 2004 at a Hello! Project 2004 Winter concert and consisted of Tsuji Nozomi and Kago Ai who both graduated from Morning Musume on August 1, 2004.

As W, they released two albums and six singles. They also released one photobook, one essay book, and a set of trading cards.

On January 11, 2006, the release of a new single on February 22 and the release of their third full-length album, on March 15, was announced. On Kago's 18th birthday the titles of both new cd's became availble "Dou ni mo Tomaranai" and "W3: Faithful" little was it known these would not make it to market

W was put on indefinite hiatus on 10 February 2006, following the suspension of Kago for smoking while underage. The unit was permanently disbanded on March 26, 2007 when Kago was released from her contract for socializing with an older man.





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