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First Class Edition Cover
Economic Class/CD+Event Ticket Cover
CD+Live Ticket Cover
CD+Handshake Ticket Cover
Catalog Number
UPCH-9785 (First Class Edition)
UPCH-5761 (Economic Class Edition)
  • CD+Event Ticket Edition:
PDCJ-5011 (ZEPP TOKYO PASSPO☆WING Fest (10/8) (3rd Show))
  • CD+Live Ticket Editions:
D2CJ-1006 (Tokyo 1st Show (11/3))
D2CJ-1007 (Tokyo 2nd Show (11/3))
D2CJ-1008 (Nagoya Show (11/5))
D2CJ-1009 (Osaka Show (11/6))
  • CD+Individual Handshake Event Editions:
PDCJ-1982 (Okunaka Makoto ver. (11/24 Event))
PDCJ-1983 (Masui Mio ver. (11/24 Event))
PDCJ-1984 (Negishi Ai ver. (11/24 Event))
PDCJ-1985 (Makita Sako ver. (11/24 Event))
PDCJ-1986 (Mori Shiori ver. (11/24 Event))
PDCJ-1987 (Tamai Anna ver. (11/24 Event))
PDCJ-1988 (Anzai Naomi ver. (11/24 Event))
PDCJ-1989 (Fujimoto Yukimi ver. (11/24 Event))
PDCJ-1990 (Iwamura Natsumi ver. (11/24 Event))
PDCJ-1991 (Okunaka Makoto ver. (11/10 Event))
PDCJ-1992 (Masui Mio ver. (11/10 Event))
PDCJ-1993 (Negishi Ai ver. (11/10 Event))
PDCJ-1994 (Makita Sako ver. (11/10 Event))
PDCJ-1995 (Mori Shiori ver. (11/10 Event))
PDCJ-1996 (Tamai Anna ver. (11/10 Event))
PDCJ-1997 (Anzai Naomi ver. (11/10 Event))
PDCJ-1998 (Fujimoto Yukimi ver. (11/10 Event))
PDCJ-1999 (Iwamura Natsumi ver. (11/10 Event))
¥1,680 (First Class Edition)
¥1,000 (Economic Class Edition / CD+Individual Handshake Event Editions / CD+Event Ticket Edition)
¥2,500 (CD+Live Ticket Editions)
"First/Economic Class/CD+Event Ticket Edition" CD Tracklist
  1. WING
  2. Dom Dom Freedom (ダムダムフリーダム)
  3. WING (Instrumental)
  4. Dom Dom Freedom (Instrumental) (ダムダムフリーダム)
"CD+Live Ticket Editions" Tracklist
  1. WING
"CD+Individual Handshake Event Editions" Tracklist
  1. WING
  2. 2DAYS
  3. WING (Instrumental)
  4. 2DAYS (Instrumental)
"First Class Edition" DVD Tracklist
  1. WING Music Video


"WING" is the 12th single released by PASSPO☆ (sixth major single). It was released in a total of 25 versions, a CD+DVD edition (First Class), a CD only edition (Economic Class), and 23 editions only sold at Universal Music online store. Of the Universal Music store editions, one includes a live event ticket, 4 editions include a live performance ticket, and 18 editions include individual handshake event tickets, two per member on different dates. The single reached #4 on Oricon charts, and charted for 3 weeks.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 3 3 4 13 35 9 4 9,446
32 17 - - - - - 51 1,058
49 - - - - - - 170 257

Total Reported Sales: 10,761*

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