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Yamaga Kanae

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Yamaga Kanae (2012)

Yamaga Kanae (山賀香菜恵) is a member of Hello! Project as a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei. She was first introduced at a Fan Club event in November 2011.


  • Name: Yamaga Kanae (山賀香菜恵)
  • Nickname: Sanchan (さんちゃん)
  • Birthday: May 15, 1995 (1995-05-15) (age 22)
  • Birthplace: Tochigi, Japan
  • Blood type: O
  • Specialty: Cartwheels
  • Looks Up To: Mano Erina
  • Hello! Project groups:


  • She participated in the 2011 S/mileage audition, and made it to the final round. Her number was #716.
  • Has said she was moved by Mano Erina when watching her concert DVD.
  • Likes Nishino Kana.
  • Was praised as having the best cartwheels in class at school.
  • On a rainy day she would watch anime at home.
  • She would sing the song "Love Namida Iro" by Matsuura Aya on a rainy day.
  • She is the oldest out of all the Hello Pro Kenshuusei.

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