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Yinling of JOYTOY

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Yinling (also called "Yinling of JOYTOY") is a Taiwanese-Japanese actress, singer, former race queen, and one of Japan's raciest gravure idols. JOYTOY is Yinling's music persona with photographer Hiraokanovsky Kuratachenko, the duo's photographer, producer, and composer. JOYTOY has been around since 1995.


  • Name: Yinling (インリン, "Inrin" in Japanese' 垠凌 in Mandarin)
  • Real Name: Yan Yinling (イェン・インリン; 顔垠凌 in Mandarin)
  • Birthdate: February 15th, 1978*
  • Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Note - When Yinling began her career as a K-1 Girl (K-1 being a wrestling sport) in 2000, she had stated her birthdate as 1976. This is most likely due to the point of view that 30 is the age to settle down, and Yinling is 30 in 1976. Still, her talent agency denies this.


Even though her family owned their own photography studio in Taiwan, Yinling and her family moved to Japan when she was ten. She became a part of JOYTOY in 1995 and began releasing photobooks and music shortly after their debut. In 2004 Yinling began making many television appearances, gaining more popularity and exposure.

Yinling began steadily releasing DVDs and photobooks in 2002.


JOYTOY was formed in 1995 and is actually a political unit based on communist beliefs. The duo expresses their political views through their music and CD images. Many of Yinling's photobooks, DVDs, and CDs have Russian titles or Russian tracklists.


  • Because of her sexy poses, Yinling has been nicknamed "Ero Terrorist" (short for erotic).
  • Yinling was a part of the race queen team Mario, a team Munemasa Miki was also involved in.
  • For a short period of time she was in a unit called "Myiran" with Yoshioka Miho and Enoki Ran. "Myiran", when broken up into syllables, is a mixture of the three girls' names (Myi = Yoshioka Miho; I = Yinling; Ran = Enoki Ran).
  • Yinling is a grotesque cook. Wada Akiko once ate one of her dishes and claimed her voice was killed. In addition to her "Ero Terrorist" nickname, she has also been called "Meal Terrorist".
  • Yinling was in a televised wrestling tournament once in which she competed against Razor Ramon HG. He knocked her out with his hip grind and she lost.



  • [2002.01.17] With ~ With Yinling
  • [2002.01.17] Myiran It's Show Time!
  • [2002.02.25] Nikaguda
  • [2002.07.05] Koushoku Dorei
  • [2003.03.25] Vapurikii
  • [2003.11.25] Gekkan Yinling of Joytoy
  • [2004.09.24] Tousou Kaishi
  • [2006.04.28] Hibusouchitai


  • [1996.01.xx] Communication Fuan no Keisei to Chiryou
  • [2002.03.xx] End of the Show Time! Myiran First and Last Photobook
  • [2002.05.xx] Rinshou no Jikken
  • [2002.06.12] Hiraokanovsky Kuratachenko Sakuban Yinling of Joytoy no Shanghai Kiuraro Nigou
  • [2002.10.xx] Gekkan Yinling of Joytoy
  • [2002.12.xx] Yinling Shinryoku 1996-2002
  • [2003.12.09] Woo Rin Yan
  • [2004.03.xx] Showtime Golden Time
  • [2004.05.25] Honoo no Jidai no Monogatari
  • [2004.07.30] Saishou no Tousou
  • [2006.04.28] Miiru no M
  • [2006.05.xx] M Cacumei!!
  • [2007.07.12] Gekkan Yinling of Joytoy




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