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Yorico (より子) is an artist currently under Toshiba-EMI, though originally debuted as an indies artist under Harmony Records (ハーモニーレコード). Her original stage name was "Yorico." (より子。) with a full-stop after. Her music is piano based, with her singing while playing the piano.


  • Stage Name: Yorico (より子)
  • Real Name: Takano Yoriko (高野頼子)
  • Birthday: May 13, 1984
  • Birth Place: Utsunomiya, Tochigi-ken, Kanto
  • Blood Type: O
  • Favourite Foods: Quote: "Meat, MEAT, meat, MEAT, Meat, POTATO!!", junk food, Chinese food, Mexican food, but her mother's rice is still her favourite overall
  • Least Favorite Foods: Foods that adults like (but celery and coriander are okay)
  • Favorite Artists: Danny Hathaway, Richard Bona, Linkin Park, Itsuwa Mayumi
  • Future Goals: Quote: "To compose game music (I'm such a dork)"
  • Agency: Watanabe Entertainment


Early on in Yorico's life, she was interested in music. She first started listening to Disney music, and soon after her parents got a Nintendo, for she liked listening to the music featured in Super Mario Bros.. From then on, after listening to a range of music featured in games as well as her grandma singing nursery rhymes to her, she decided that she would learn how to play the keyboard.

In junior high, then-Morning Musume member Fukuda Asuka introduced Yorico to her would-be manager Wada Kaoru. Yorico was praised for her piano skills, but her singing was criticized. Still, Yorico debuted with the album Aizenaha on the indies label Harmony Records in 2002; with the lead radio single being "Honto wa ne.". The album sold an amazing 80,000 copies. Later on in the same year, she released a mini-album entitled gap.

In 2004, fellow Harmony Records artist Sonim released a cover of "Honto wa ne." as her seventh single. Yorico continued on her music career as she gained a contract with Toshiba EMI sometime in 2004, and debuted in early 2005 with the album Cocoon.

Yorico was diagnosed with throat cancer as a child and through her life has struggled to fight the disease. There was even a drama was made to show Yorico's life, starring Matsuura Aya as Yorico herself.



  • [2002.03.27] Aizenaha (Indies)
  • [2005.01.26] Cocoon
  • [2006.02.15] second VERSE
  • [2008.01.16] Negau (願う; To Wish)
  • [2009.06.17] Kioku (記憶; Memories)
  • [2010.06.05] Hikigatari (弾きがたり; Sing to One's Own Accompaniment) (Best Album)


  • [2002.11.27] gap (Indies)


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