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Yousei Teikoku

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Yousei Teikoku promoting SHADOW CORPS[e] (2015)

Yousei Teikoku (妖精帝國; Fairy Empire), also known as Das Feenreich, is a five-membered Japanese gothic rock band on Lantis label. Previously, they were a duo of YUI and Tachibana Takaha until they added bassist Nanami and drummer Relu and released Baptize. After they released filament, Relu left the band. With Yousei Teikoku’s first original album “PAX VESANIA” they introduced their new drummer Gight and guitarist Shiren. With this, Yousei Teikoku tries to make humans believe in fairies once more.


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Yousei Teikoku promoting metanoia (2007)
Yousei Teikoku promoting Baptize (2010)
Yousei Teikoku promoting PAX VESANIA (2013)


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