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flumpool promoting "Last Call" (2017)

flumpool (フランプール) is a Japanese rock band from Osaka, Japan. They formed the band in 2002. In 2007 they gained a drummer and changed their name to flumpool. The band's name is derived from the English word "four", since there are 4 members, they took the first letter "f", along with the word meaning mass, "lump" and the word "pool". flumpool is under A-Sketch, the new sub-label created by AMUSE in 2008.



In 2007, flumpool began touring, playing on February 26 at Osaka Club Quattro, and continuing in other venues throughout the city. By July, the band released their first indies single, "Mirai Kanai", which was up for sale on and, in 2008, "Mirai Kanai", was released digitally. Their next step was the release of the second indie single named "labo" which was sold in Tower Records and TSUTAYA Records, limited to 5,000 copies. "labo" was also the opening theme of TBS's CDTV in August 2008. The band began to receive some recognition, ranking number one on Access Rankings for "labo"’s PV, as well as being named the Campaign Song Artist for au KDDI 'LISMO', a Japanese telephone provider.

During October, flumpool released their song "Hana ni Nare" and became the music for LISMO's TV commercial. Due to its success,the song was also featured on SPACESHOWER TV's website's POWER PUSH along with an interview with flumpool. Because of "Hana ni Nare" popularity, flumpool was invited by Fuji TV to perform, for the first time, on Mezamashi TV. Next month, the band relased another digital single, "Over the rain ~Hikari no Hashi~", which was the theme song for the TBS dorama BLOODY MONDAY.

By November, they were signed onto AMUSE records under the sub-label A-Sketch. With the digital releases of "Hana ni Nare" and "Over the rain ~Hikari no Hashi~", flumpool releases their first mini-album, "Unreal", which was an instant success, selling 241,628 total copies.

2009 started with the release of their first major single, "Hoshi ni Negai wo". The song was used as the commercial song for NTT Communications' "MUSICO". In July, it comes their second major single and their first tie-in with a movie: "MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque~" was used as the theme song for "MW" adapted from Osamu Tezuka's manga, and its lyrics are linked to the theme of the movie. To end the year of 2009, flumpool released their first album "What's flumpool!?".


flumpool promoting "Hana ni Nare" (2008)
flumpool promoting "Zanzou" (2010)
flumpool promoting experience (2012)
flumpool promoting The Best 2008-2014 "MONUMENT" (2014)
flumpool promoting "FREE YOUR MIND" (2016)

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