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Perfume promoting "Cling Cling" (2014)


Perfume (パフューム) is an all-girl electro-pop trio from who debuted locally in 2001 and nationally in 2005. They started out with three young girls in their hometown of Hiroshima. They were Nishiwaki Ayaka (A~chan), Kashino Yuka (Kashiyuka), and Kawashima Yuuka (Kawayuka). Because all three members had the Japanese character for fragrance in their names (香), they named the group Perfume. However, before the group could even debut, Kawashima decided to pull out of the project and pursue her studies. Member Oomoto Ayano (Nocchi) was later added to the line-up as Kawashima's replacement.

At first, Perfume had a hard time finding an audience or any success. They started off with a more traditional idol pop sound and gradually shifted more and more into the electro-pop they are known for today. It wasn't until the release of their 10th single Polyrhythm that the group was elevated to a new level of popularity. Today, they are a top seller in the J-pop industry and are consistently releasing hits. All four of the group's studio album have topped the Oricon weekly charts and to date, they have sold over 3 million records in Japan alone.

At the end of February 2012, Perfume announced that they have changed record labels from Tokuma Japan Communications to Universal Music Japan with an intent to enter the global market. On 12th of September Perfume released their first global album titled Perfume Global Compilation "LOVE THE WORLD" as well as kicked off their first Asia tour titled Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st in which they visited Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. In April of 2013, Perfume announced that they would hold a 2nd World Tour in July visiting Europe for a total of three concerts in Germany, England and France. They will hold a 3rd world tour in 2014, visiting Singapore, Taiwan, England and for the first time, the US.

The trio's newest single Cling Cling will be released this week on July 16, 2014.