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iKON promoting NEW KIDS : BEGIN (2017)
Left to Right: Ju-Ne, B.I, Song, DK, Chan, Jay, Bobby

iKON (아이콘) is a seven member Korean pop boyband that debuted in 2015 under YG Entertainment. The group was first introduced in the reality-survival program called Who Is Next: WIN as "Team B." Since they lost to Team A they lost the opportunity to debut at that time. iKON was later formed through another reality survival battle television program called MIX & MATCH where 3 members from Team B competed with 3 trainees to secure a position in the group. MIX & MATCH contestants Hong Seok and Jin Hyeong did not make the final cut.

Prior to their official debut, they released 2 self-composed songs along with Team A under WIN.



  • Official Fanclub: iKONIC

Korean Discography

iKON promoting Welcome Back (2015)




Digital Singles

Japanese Discography






  • [2015.11.07] MelOn Music Award - "Best New Artist"
  • [2015.12.02] 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards - "Best New Male Artist"
  • [2016.01.14] 25th Seoul Music Awards: New Artist Award
  • [2016.01.20] 30th Golden Disk Awards: New Artist Award
  • [2016.02.17] 5th GAON Chart K-Pop Awards: Song/Artist of the Year (September 2015), New Artist of the Year
  • [2016.11.19] 2016 MelOn Music Awards: QQ Music Asia Star Award

TV Music Shows

Chwihyang Jeogyeog
Rhythm Ta
Jimotmi (Apology)
Dumb & Dumber

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