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-War Number 02-

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Album Cover
Sons of AHITO
Studio Album
-war number 02-
1CD Tracklist
  1. Oniwa Soto - Kg (ft. miniRA)
  2. HATENA (Takuya Blant ft. Eiji)
  3. Sugita Seigi (SATOL ft. HULK) (過ぎた正義)
  4. Dead or Vibes (yolabmi ft. Raika / Hio (火男))
  5. Fukumitsu no Asa (ANON ID ft. C.C.O (福光の朝)
  6. H.S.I.S.Y.W.I.M (SATOL ft. Kiriba a.k.a KI-1 (切刃))
2CD Tracklist
  1. KEMII (SATOL ft. Eiji)
  2. sabita hana (SATOL ft. Reiji)
  3. open da face (remix imagenos) ft. Toshikazu
  4. fight for (SATOL ft. Shintouka)
  5. Ya no Me kara Yama no Soko ft. BOS (八の女から邪馬の底)
  6. last one's mind (SATOL ft. Hulk)


-war number 02- is Sons of AHITO's second studio album. The album consists of two CDs. The first CD consists of the new tracks, while the tracks from the second CD come from their previous mini-album AHITO.

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