Due to an influx of spam accounts getting through and joining the site, user registrations have once again been disabled until further notice as we work on a different solution.


  • Open Community: Recognise that articles can be changed by anyone and no individual controls any specific article. Therefore, any writing you contribute can be edited at will by the community.
  • Accuracy: All editors must strive for accuracy but be bold in editing, moving, and modifying articles. Although it should be aimed for, perfection isn't required.
  • Damage: Don't worry about messing up. All prior versions of articles are kept, so there is no way that you can accidentally damage or destroy content. Do not spam or vandalise others work. If you spot vandalism report it to the staff immediately.
  • Edit Summaries: Decent edit summaries and clear and transparent explanations are universally appreciated. Other editors need to understand your process, and it also helps you yourself to understand what you did after a long leave of absence from an article. Please always state what you changed and why.
  • Respect: Respect your fellow members even when you may not agree with them. Be civil. Do not make personal attacks. Don't write that user such and so is an idiot, or insult him/her. Instead, explain what they did wrong, why it is wrong, and how to fix it in the talk page. If possible, fix it yourself. If a dispute cannot be resolved contact a staff member citing your case who will evaluate the situation with other staff.
  • Talk Pages: When in doubt, use the talk page of any article to propose and discuss changes with fellow members. Sign on talk pages (using ~~~~ which gets replaced by your username when you hit submit). However you should never sign mainspace articles.
  • Misuse: We are not a free host, blog or webspace provider. Every member has their own user page, but they are to be used for information relevant to working on the wiki. If you are looking to make a personal webpage or host, please do so elsewhere. Please upload only files that are used (or will be used) in articles; anything else will be deleted.