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Akai Tsuki -To Kokkino Fegari-

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To Kokkino Fegari Akai Tsuki (赤い月)
Catalog Number
  1. Kanashimi no Symphony (哀しみのシンフォニー) (Original: CARO MOZART)
  2. Ai Haruka ni (愛遥かに) (Original: DA TROPPO TEMPO)
  3. Kanashimi Tenshi (悲しき天使) (Original: LE TEMPS DES FLEURS)
  4. Ai no Chariot (愛のシャリオ) (Original: CHARIOT)
  5. Sayonara wo Oshiete (さよならを教えて) (Original: COMMENT TE DIRE ADIEU)
  6. Aishite Shimatta (愛してしまった) (Original: Agapesa)
  7. Namida (涙) (Original: To darky)
  8. Akai Tsuki (赤い月) (Original: To kokkino fegari)
  9. Futari no Scat (ふたりの天使) (Original: CONCERTO POUR UNE VOIX)
  10. Tetsudou-in no Theme (鉄道員のテーマ) (Original: LA DEDICO A TE)
  11. Seimei wo Kakete (生命をかけて) (Original: IO TI DARO DI PIU)
  12. Ai no Finale (愛のフィナーレ)


To Kokkino Fegari Akai Tsuki is the second album recorded by Yuca, and her first released as Ruca. The record contains covers of famous songs in French, Italian, and Greek. Although the track titles are in Japanese each song is sung in its original language.