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* [[Si Yoo]] (Vocals)
* [[Si Yoo]] (Vocals)
* [[In Kyeong]] (Vocals, Visual, Main Rapper, Main Dancer)
* [[In Kyeong]] (Vocals, Visual, Main Rapper, Main Dancer)
* [[Yoo Jin (BP POP)|Yoo Jin]] (Vocals, Maknae)
* [[Yoo Jin (BP POP)|Yoo Jin]] (Vocals, Lead Rapper, Maknae)

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BP POP promoting "Datwosseo" (2013)

BP POP (비피팝; also written as BPPOP) is a Korean pop 5 member female group that debuted in 2013 under the label BP STORY Entertainment. Their name stands for "Bright Playful Pop".


  • Pyeon Ji (Leader, Main Vocals)
  • Jane (Lead Vocals, Rapper, Lead Dancer)
  • Si Yoo (Vocals)
  • In Kyeong (Vocals, Visual, Main Rapper, Main Dancer)
  • Yoo Jin (Vocals, Lead Rapper, Maknae)


BP POP promoting "Today" (2013)

Digital Singles

  • [2013.01.16] Today
  • [2013.09.29] Datwosseo (다퉜어; never ever let me go)


  • Official Fanclub: Sweet Pops

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