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Help:Wiki/Starting A New Page

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The wiki allows only registered members to create or edit pages. If you would like to create a new page, but aren't logged in, you can do so here.

There are several ways to create a new page as outlined below. It is strongly recommended that you conduct a search before you begin creating an article.

Create article boxes

A create article box can be found on the main page. This is a general article creation box that will present you with a blank editable article page based on the title you enter. The title of the page is important, and un-doing mistakes can take time, so please make sure that what you enter is accurate, paying particular attention to case sensitivity.

There are further, more specific, article creation boxes located on the create article page. Here you will find options to create articles for all the major sections of our wiki. Currently these are:

  • Artists - Japanese music artists; solo or groups/bands
  • Albums - Albums released by Japanese artists
  • Singles - Singles released by Japanese artists
  • DVDs - Music DVD's released by Japanese artists

The benefits of these creation boxes is that they lead you to an editable page wth a pre-loaded template for your use, saving you time with basic layout.

Note: if a page already exists using these options will take you into edit mode for the existing article.

Existing links

Red links are words underlined in red in the wiki. They link to a page named with the underlined words not yet created. If you feel it should be created, please have a try. You can click on any red link to a new page. This directs to edit mode of the non-existing blank page, which allows you to add your information, thereby creating a new page.

When creating your new article bear in mind that you may be referencing existing articles or articles which should be created to further enhance and expand the wiki. Therefore please link to existing articles using the link markup (Example: [[Example link]] where Example link represents the article page name) and link words or phrases for non-existing articles to add them to the wanted pages list. You should always link at least the following items:

  • Artists
  • Album titles
  • Single titles
  • DVD titles
  • Record labels
  • Music genres

Create page by URL

Using the browser address bar to enter a URL to a new page is an easy way to start the new page process. Easier still is editing the pagename part of a URL for an existing page. Using the URL for the new page displays the default 'no article' message. The default page has the usual Edit link, which can be used to begin adding content.

Disambiguation pages

Disambiguation pages are paths leading to different articles that share the same name or a similar name. Disambiguation serves a single purpose: to let the reader choose among different pages that closely relate to various meanings of a particular name. Please use them carefully and only when needed. When there is no risk of confusion, do not disambiguate nor add a link to a disambiguation page.

Disambiguation pages should be composed of a list of links. Start the page by including the the template {{disambig}} at the top. Following the template, start the list with a short introductory sentence fragment, usually ending with a colon. Use a bold page title in the list heading. An example disambiguation page may be found here.

If an internal link refers you to a disambiguation page, please consider changing the link to point directly to the intended article for future readers.

If you wish to create an article but find the name is already taken by another article you should then create a new disambiguation page. To do this you will need to first move the existing article to something that sensibly relates to the article. For example if Hands was used as an article name for the single by AYA you could move the page to: Hands (AYA). Once done you can then create your new disambiguation page under the original name, so in this example it would be Hands.

Important: Be careful when moving pages. You should always try to correct any links for the page you are moving to refer to the intended article rather than the disambiguation page you are creating. Thereby in our example it would be wise to change the link on AYA's artist page to Hands (AYA) instead of just leaving it as Hands. Remember if you have any doubt be sure to ask a member of staff or a more experienced member first to help you. The talk pages or our forum is always a good place for further technical help not covered here.


The sandbox can be used for temporary experimentation. However for persistent draft material, use your user account sub-pages, and move the sub-page to the main article namespace when ready.

To create a user sub-page, use a reference (title) like: 'User:UserName/New sub page' (or, on your user page, simply '/New sub page'.)