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I'm OK

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Album Cover
David Tao
I'm OK
2005.08.10 (Reissued Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Doxology
  2. Zhǎo Zìjǐ (找自己; Finding Yourself)
  3. Xiǎo Zhèn Gūniang (小鎮姑娘; Small Town Girl)
  4. Yèláixiāng (夜來香; Tuberose)
  5. Pǔtōng Péngyǒu (普通朋友; Regular Friend)
  6. I'm OK
  7. Bùyīyàng (不一樣; Different)
  8. Shuō Zǒu Jiù Zǒu (說走就走; Leave)
  9. Duōxiè Nǐ (多謝你; Thank You)
  10. Mǎxìtuán (馬戲團; Circus)
  11. Tiāntiān (天天; Everyday)
  12. Angeline
  13. Amen


I'm OK is the second album released by David Tao.

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