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: 2009.03.06
: 2009.03.06
; CD Tracklist
; CD Tracklist
# [[Zhi Yao Jide Wo De Hao]] (只要記得我的好; ''As Long As My Good is Remembered'')
# [[Zhiyao Jide Wo De Hao|Zhǐyào Jìde Wǒ De Hǎo]] (只要記得我的好; ''As Long As My Good is Remembered'')
# [[One Day (Alan Kuo song)|ONE DAY]]  
# [[One Day (Alan Kuo song)|ONE DAY]]  
# [[Ai Ai Ai]] (愛愛愛; ''Love Love Love'')     
# [[Ai Ai Ai|Ài Ài Ài]] (愛愛愛; ''Love Love Love'')     
# [[Sugar Lady|SUGAR LADY]]
# [[Sugar Lady|SUGAR LADY]]
# [[Xiang Hui Jia]] (想回家; ''Want to Go Home'')
# [[Xiang Huijia|Xiǎng Huíjiā]] (想回家; ''Want to Go Home'')
# [[Bu Yong Dan Xin]] (不用擔心; ''Need Not Worry'')
# [[Buyong Danxin|Bùyòng Dānxīn]] (不用擔心; ''Need Not Worry'')
# [[Guts|GUTS]]
# [[Guts|GUTS]]
# [[Mei Yi Tian]] (每一天; ''Everyday'')
# [[Mei Yitian|Měi Yītiān]] (每一天; ''Everyday'')
# [[Huan Bu Neng Ku]] (還不能哭; ''Still Shouldn't Cry'')
# [[Hai Buneng Ku|Hái Bùnéng Kū]] (還不能哭; ''Still Shouldn't Cry'')
# [[Qian Bei Bu Zui]] (千杯不醉; ''Drink Drank Drunk'')
# [[Qian Bei Bu Zui|Qiān Bēi Bù Zuì]] (千杯不醉; ''Drink Drank Drunk'')

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Album Cover
Alan Kuo
One Day
CD Tracklist
  1. Zhǐyào Jìde Wǒ De Hǎo (只要記得我的好; As Long As My Good is Remembered)
  2. ONE DAY
  3. Ài Ài Ài (愛愛愛; Love Love Love)
  5. Xiǎng Huíjiā (想回家; Want to Go Home)
  6. Bùyòng Dānxīn (不用擔心; Need Not Worry)
  7. GUTS
  8. Měi Yītiān (每一天; Everyday)
  9. Hái Bùnéng Kū (還不能哭; Still Shouldn't Cry)
  10. Qiān Bēi Bù Zuì (千杯不醉; Drink Drank Drunk)


One Day is the third studio album released by Alan Kuo.

G-Music Charts

Alan Kuo promoting the album
Week Rank Sales (%)
5 3.51
3 3.36
6 1.87
out for 1 week
15 0.85
15 0.79
15 0.73

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