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UMI☆KUUN (2015)

UMI☆KUUN (うみくん) is a Japanese singer who debuted in 2015 under the label Being Records. He also is Cosplayer and YouTuber.


In April 2014 he published his first video called Let it go (Frozen) in Nico Nico Douga where he won the segond place in this category. At the same time, published Let it go in YouTube and and received 10,000 followers in a short time. He appeared in the Disney Channel event, Maleficent Contest Theme / Karaoke Challenge Department as one of the 8 finalists who presented 2,000. He was invited to Japan Expo 2015 in France as director of public relations Crazy Tokyo kawaii. In France he released a digital single called Hello Baby. He is recognized for performing in anime and cosplay events. He also up cosplay videos and songs on YouTube.

In October 2015 he released his first single titled "I am Just Feeling Alive". This single was used as the opening theme of the anime Young Black Jack.

In 2017 he created a new project called NormCore.



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