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Album Cover
Alan Kuo
Wúwèi Wú Jù no fear (無畏無懼 no fear; No Fear)
CD Tracklist
  1. Wúwèi Wú Jù (無畏無懼; No Fear)
  2. Měilì (美麗; Beautiful)
  3. Lies You Said
  4. Wǒ Hèn Nǐ (feat. Faith Yang) (我恨你; I Hate You)
  5. Xǐng Lái Hòu (醒來後; Waking Up)
  6. Ài Nǐ (愛你; Love You)
  7. Liúlàng (流浪; Leaving Alone)
  8. Zài Gěi Wǒ Duō Yītiān (再給我多一天; Give Me One More Day)
  9. Nǐ De Huǎng (你的謊; Your Lies)
  10. Quánlìyǐfù (全力以赴; Do My Best)


Wúwèi Wú Jù no fear is the fourth studio album released by Alan Kuo. First press editions come with a cap in either red or black.

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