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generasia:Featured article for 2020 week 12

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Uru promoting "Anata ga Iru Koto de" (2020)


Uru is a Japanese pop singer under Sony Music Associated Records. She originally launched a YouTube channel in 2013 where she covered various J-Pop songs under the stage name mai Uru.

She made her debut in 2016 with the single "Hoshi no Naka no Kimi", of which the title track was used as the theme for the film Natsumi no Hotaru. Her debut single charted at #22 on the Oricon weekly singles chart. In 2018, following the release of four more tied-in singles and a full-length album, Uru collaborated with Sawano Hiroyuki on the song "Binary Star", used as the opening theme for the anime Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Die Neue These Kaikou. Uru went on to win an award for best theme song with her song "Prologue" at 2019's 99th Television Drama Academy Awards.

Her second studio album, Orion Blue, is released this week on March 18th.