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[FIGURe;] (【FIGURe;】) was a Japanese visual-kei band. The group was formed in the December of 2004 by vocalist Sakito and bassist Kikasa, both of whom had previously been members of the indies band Dué le quartz.

Following Dué le quartz's disbandment, Sakito had disappeared completely from the music scene whilst Kikasa had gone on to work with Shelly Trip Realize (whom he parted ways with in the April of 2004) and had also contributed in a minor side-project, Unzu with Sakurai Yuki of rice.

[FIGURe;] was also comprised of several support members. One such member, another former member of Dué le quartz, KAZUKI, who after the band's disbandment also participated in Unzu (alongisde Kikasa) and BABYLON. [FIGURe;] also adopted two support guitarists, Akira, formerly of Gellonimo and Hiina.

Despite a few successive releases, it was in the August of 2005 that Sakito was absent from a performance by the band, leaving Kikasa to fill in both the role of bassist and vocalist during his absence. This situation however, was announced as temporary despite being linked to problems within Sakito's family. Unfortunately, it was later announced that Sakito would be leaving the band due to undisclosed circumstances and it was at the beginning of September that [FIGURe;] officially disbanded.


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