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Nice Dream (LOVEHOLIC)

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Album Cover
Nice Dream
  1. Illyoil Malgeum (일요일 맑음)
  2. Charaui Sup (차라의 숲)
  3. Hwabun (화분)
  4. Naui Taeyangeun Jigo... (나의 태양은 지고...)
  5. One Love
  6. TV
  7. Leave me
  8. Darui Chukje (달의 축제)
  9. Singiru (신기루)
  10. Geudaeman Itdamyeon (그대만 있다면)
  11. Run
  12. Noksaek Sopa (녹색 소파)
  13. Ineo. Sesangeul Geotda (인어. 세상을 걷다)

nice dream
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. TV
  2. Chara no Mori (チャラの森)
  3. flowerpot
  4. After Sunset
  5. One Love
  6. Shiny Sunday
  7. Leave me
  8. Luna Fiesta
  9. Shinkirou (蜃気楼)
  10. Anata ga Ireba (あなたがいれば)
  11. Run
  12. Green Couch
  13. Mermaid walking on the earth
  14. Sylvia
DVD Tracklist
  1. Chara no Mori (チャラの森)
  2. Anata ga Ireba (あなたがいれば)
  3. Sylvia


Nice Dream is LOVEHOLIC's third album. The songs "Charaui Sup" and "Geudaeman Itdamyeon" were used as lead tracks.

Five months later the album was released in a CD+DVD format as their second Japanese album. The Japanese album featured the same tracklist as the Korean original release, except for a partially different order tracklist, and translated titles, into Japanese or English. The Japanese album also include the song "Sylvia", originally released on their second Korean album Invisible Things. First press editions come with a LOVEHOLIC cell phone strap.

The song "Illyoil Malgeum" was used as theme song for the movie The Birth of a Family, "One Love" was used as main theme for the drama Spring Waltz, the song "Hwabun" was used as theme song for the drama The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince and "Geudaeman Itdamyeon" as theme song for the drama One Fine Day. In Japan, the song "Singiru" (retitled to "Shinkirou" for it's Japanese release), was used as ending theme song for the anime Black Blood Brothers.

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