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Wings of Artemis

Wings of Artemis (2021)

Wings of Artemis (アルテミスの翼) is a Japanese pop idol group signed to rock field. The group's concept is Greek gods who have descended to the human world once in 100 years in order to give 'love, courage and friendship'.



Wings of Artemis (2020)
  • Nanami Cupid (Graduated January 4, 2021) (Orange Yellow Submarine)
  • Ayaka Cerberus (Graduated January 4, 2021) (Deep Purple Rain)
  • Medusa Kako (Left March 1, 2021) (Nomars Blue)
  • Eagle Kaho (Joined April 10, 2021; Left April 13, 2021) (Orange-Yellow)
  • Andromeda Hina (Joined March 3, 2021; Graduated April 24, 2021) (Deep Purple Rain)
  • Siren Kotori (Graduated May 15, 2021) (Pink Sapphire)
  • Hermes Mizuki (Graduated October 9, 2021) (Kiseki Green)
  • Venus Airi (Joined May 15, 2021; Graduated October 9, 2021) (Orchestra Yellow)



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