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Emblem (JAM Project)

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Mini-Album Cover
JAM Project
Catalog Number
  1. Emblem ~Meimo Naki Eiyuutachi e~ (エンブレム ~名も無き英雄達へ~; Emblem ~To the Nameless Heroes~) (Kageyama Hironobu solo)
  2. CLOWN (Endoh Masaaki solo)
  3. Kazaranai Namida no Mama de... (飾らない 涙のままで...; Not Decorated Remains of Tears) (Kitadani Hiroshi solo)
  4. Aoku Nare (青くなれ) (Fukuyama Yoshiki solo)
  5. Emblem ~Na mo Naki Eiyuu-tache he~ (off vocal) (エンブレム ~名も無き英雄達へ~)
  6. CLOWN (off vocal)
  7. Kazaranai Namida no Mama de... (off vocal) (飾らない 涙のままで...)
  8. Aoku Nare (off vocal) (青くなれ)


Emblem is the first mini-album released by JAM Project. The song "Emblem ~Meimo Naki Eiyuutachi e~" was used as the ending theme song for the anime Yomigaeru Sora Rescue Wings. The mini-album reached #107 on the Oricon weekly charts, charted for one week, selling 2,020 copies.

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