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# [[Jiyuu Ren'ai]] (自由戀愛; ''Free Love'')
# [[Jiyuu Ren'ai]] (自由戀愛; ''Free Love'')
# [[Shoujo no Tame no Zankoku Douwa]] (少女のための残酷童話; ''Cruel Fairy-tale for the Girl's Sake'')
# [[Shoujo no Tame no Zankoku Douwa]] (少女のための残酷童話; ''Cruel Fairy-tale for the Girl's Sake'')
# [[Kyoufu no Zunou Kaikaku]] (恐怖の頭脳改革; ''Brain Reform of Fear'')
# [[Kyoufu no Zunou Kakumei]] (恐怖の頭脳改革; ''Brain Reform of Fear'')
# [[Terra de]] (地球で; ''On Earth'')
# [[Terra de]] (地球で; ''On Earth'')
# [[Yurikago|Yurikago (instrumental)]] (ゆりかご; ''Cradle'')
# [[Yurikago|Yurikago (instrumental)]] (ゆりかご; ''Cradle'')

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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Catalog Number
TKCU-78110 (Limited Edition)
TKCU-78111 (Regular Edition)
¥3,889 (Limited Edition)
¥2,870 (Regular Edition)
  • Disc 1
  1. BArADiPArADicA
  2. 21 Seiki Shin Seinen (21世紀新青年; 21st Century's New Youth)
  3. Real×Fantasy (リアル×ファンタジー)
  4. Maison de Bonbonnière ([Fr]: Bonbon Box House)
  5. Gekka, Ryokuu Gensou (月下, 緑雨幻想; Under Moonlight, a Summer Rain Fantasy)
  6. Jiyuu Ren'ai (自由戀愛; Free Love)
  7. Shoujo no Tame no Zankoku Douwa (少女のための残酷童話; Cruel Fairy-tale for the Girl's Sake)
  8. Kyoufu no Zunou Kakumei (恐怖の頭脳改革; Brain Reform of Fear)
  9. Terra de (地球で; On Earth)
  10. Yurikago (instrumental) (ゆりかご; Cradle)
  11. WALTZ FOR DEBBY (Original: Bill Evans) (Regular Edition only)
  • Disc 2 - Fantasia Roudoku Gekijou (ファンタジア朗読劇場)
  1. Barami to Yurine no Fushigina Hotel yori "Akai Kutsu to Himitsu no Jumon" (薔薇美と百合寧の不思議なホテルより "赤い靴と秘密の呪文"; From Barami and Yurine's Mysterious Hotel "Red Shoes and Secret Spells")


Fantasia is the eighteenth studio album by ALI PROJECT. It was released in two versions: a limited 2CD edition that comes with a drama CD containing a story told by lyricist Takarano Arika and a regular CD edition which features a Japanese cover of "Waltz for Debby" by Bill Evans.

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