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9nine promoting "SunSunSunrise / Yuru to Pia" (2017)

9nine (pronounced as nine) is a Japanese pop four member girl group. They were formed under LesPros Entertainment in 2005 as a nine member idol group. They received great support from school girls, ranging from primary school to high school.

As of August 2010, 9nine has been signed under Sony Music Japan and will focus on becoming more of a "performance girls unit". Aside from singing, the group actively participates in the media scene as magazine models, actresses and variety regulars.




Line-Up Changes


9nine promoting "Sweet Snow" (2006)
9nine promoting "Hikari no Kage" (2010)
9nine promoting MAGI9 PLAYLAND (2014)
9nine promoting "MY ONLY ONE" (2015)
9nine promoting BEST 9 (2016)

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