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AAA Remix ~Non-Stop All Singles~

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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
AAA REMIX ~non-stop all singles~
Catalog Number
  1. BLOOD on FIRE (KISS & RIDE edit)
  2. Friday Party (KISS & RIDE edit)
  3. Kirei na Sora (KISS & RIDE edit) (きれいな空; Beautiful Sky)
  4. DRAGON FIRE (Sweet 80’s Re-productions)
  5. Hallelujah (Sweet 80’s Re-productions) (ハレルヤ)
  6. Shalala Kibou no Uta (Sweet 80’s Re-productions) (Shalala キボウの歌; Shalala Song of Hope)
  7. Hurricane Riri, Boston Mari (Toshiyuki Yasuda edit) (ハリケーン・リリ、ボストン・マリ)
  8. Soul Edge Boy (Toshiyuki Yasuda edit) (ソウルエッジボーイ)
  9. Kimono Jet Girl (Toshiyuki Yasuda edit) (キモノジェットガール)
  10. Let it beat! (JAZZIDA GRANDE edit)
  11. "Q" (JAZZIDA GRANDE edit)
  12. Chewing Gum (JAZZIDA GRANDE edit) (チューインガム)
  13. Samurai heart -Samurai Tamashii- (JAZZIDA GRANDE edit) (Samurai heart -侍魂-)
  14. Winter lander!! (JAZZIDA GRANDE edit)
  15. Get Chu! (ALBNOTE edit) (Get チュー!)
  16. SHE no Jijitsu (ALBNOTE edit) (SHEの事実; The Truth About SHE)
  17. Kuchibiru Kara Romantica (ALBNOTE edit) (唇からロマンチカ; Romantica From My Lips)
  18. That's Right! (TSUGE edit)
  19. SUNSHINE (TSUGE edit)
  20. No End Summer (Takaya Ito edit)
  21. Hanabi (Takaya Ito edit) (花火; Fireworks)
  22. Red Soul (Takaya Ito edit)
  23. MIRAGE (Funky Electro Wave)
  24. BEYOND ~ Karada no Kanata (RK edit) (BEYOND~カラダノカナタ)
  25. MUSIC!!! (RK edit)
  26. ZERØ (RK edit)
  27. Tabidachi no Uta (RK edit) (旅ダチノウタ; Journey's Song)


"AAA REMIX ~non-stop all singles~" the second remix album released by is AAA. The album ranked #58 on the Oricon charts, charted for 2 weeks.

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