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Astromantic Charm School

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CD Cover
Astromantic Charm School
CD Tracklist
  1. Hajime ni... (In the Beginning...)
  2. Reeewind! [Tomita Lab. Remix]
  3. Life Is Beautiful [Deckstream Remix]
  4. Lesson 1
  5. The Love Bug [Big Bug NYC Remix]
  6. Starstruck [Sakai, Asuka Savannh Remix]
  7. Lesson 2
  8. Get On! [Ugly Duckling Remix]
  9. Lesson 3
  10. Vanessa [Ryukyudisko Remix]
  11. Lesson 4
  12. Uchuu no Woah Woah [Comoesta's Mix]
  13. I Wanna Be Down [Space Cowboy Disco Edit Mix]
  14. Lesson 6
  15. Miss You [Free Tempo Mix]
  16. Way U Move [M-Floating Tank Mix]
  17. Lesson 7
  18. Cosmic Night Run [Half&Halfby Mix]
  19. Astrosexy [Remixed by Koji Nakamura from Supercar]
  20. Saigo ni... (In the End...)


Astromantic Charm School is the third remix album released by m-flo, featuring remixes of songs from their third studio album, Astromantic.