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Boyfriend (Crystal Kay)

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Album Cover
Single Cover
Crystal Kay
Nishio Saeko
Sylvia Bennett-Smith and Reed Vertelney

Crystal Kay
Boyfriend -part II-
2003.01.22 (Regular Edition)
2004.06.21 (CCCD, LabelGate CD)
Catalog Number
ESCL-2385 (CCCD)
ESCL-2722 (Regular Edition)
ESCL-2573 (LabelGate CD)
¥1,020 (Regular, CCCD)
¥1,019 (LabelGate CD)
  1. Boyfriend -part II-
  2. Boyfriend (MAESTRO-T Remix)
  3. Boyfriend (Nice & Smooth Version)


"Boyfriend -part II-" is the tenth single recorded by Crystal Kay. It is a reworking of "Boyfriend (What Makes Me Fall In Love)" from her breakthrough third studio album almost seventeen, which was released a few months prior.

The single reached #23 on the weekly Oricon chart.


Crystal promoting the single

There are currently six versions of "Boyfriend" to be found in Crystal Kay's discography. The following versions are listed by chronological release:

Boyfriend (What Makes Me Fall In Love)
Found as track #5 on her third studio album almost seventeen. This is the original version of the song, although not the most popular. It is mid tempo R&B song.
Boyfriend -part II-
Released as track #1 on the "Boyfriend -part II-" single. It was later placed on Crystal's fourth studio album 4REAL as track #1. This is the most common version of the song. It was also included on the following best albums: track #13 on CK5, CD1 track #1 on BEST of CRYSTAL KAY, and CD1 track #1 on LOVE SONG BEST.
Boyfriend (MAESTRO-T Remix)
Found on the "Boyfriend -part II-" single as track #2. This Remix was worked by MAESTRO-T.
Boyfriend (Nice & Smooth Version)
Found on the "Boyfriend -part II-" single as track #3.
Boyfriend ~What Makes Me Fall In Love~
Found on Crystal's English language album NATURAL -World Premiere Album- as track #2. This version of the song is sung in complete English.
Boyfriend (80kidz Remix)
Found on 2009's THE BEST REMIXES of CK as track #2. This remix was worked by 80kidz.

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