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C.L.L. ~Crystal Lover Light

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Album Cover
Crystal Kay
C.L.L.~Crystal Lover Light
Catalog Number
  1. Interlude P.P.P.
  2. Eternal Memories
  3. Komichi no Hana (こみちの花; Flower of the Lane)
  4. More Lovin'
  5. TEENAGE UNIVERSE ~Chewing Gum Baby
  6. Let's Suika Dorobo (レッツすいかどろぼう)
  7. Taka Taka Taka (タカ・タカ・タカ)
  8. Darling P.P.P. (ダーリンP.P.P.)
  9. Today Friend the Decoration Cake Kau Kau GO (トゥデー・フレンド・ザ・デコレーションケーキ・かうかう・GO)
  10. Tsurenai Guitar (つれないギター)
  11. Papa Donpi (パパどんピ)
  12. Rainy Blue Day
  13. C'mon Babe
  14. Shadows of Desire


C.L.L CRYSTAL LOVER LIGHT is the debut studio album released by Crystal Kay. The album was released when she was 14 years old. Unlike her later albums, this release contains other styles of music than urban pop, with several songs being acoustic and containing a blues vibe. The song "Shadows of Desire" was released as a single, simultaneously with the album. This album reached #60 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for four weeks. In all the album sold a total of 19,930 copies.

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