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CKG48 (January 2018)

CKG48 is a Chinese idol group based in the Chongqing Guorui Center in Chongqing, China. The group, established in 2017, is the fourth sister group of SNH48. The group is named after "Chungking" (not "Chongqing") based on the International Phonetic Alphabet.


CKG48 had a total of 33 original members during their 1st generation. As of July 2017, CKG48 has 36 members.


Team C (January 2018)
Team K (January 2018)
Zan Xiu (January 2018)

Current Team Members

Names with an asterisk (*) denote that the member has announced their graduation.

Team C

Team K

Zan Xiu


Team C

  • [2017.11.03 - ] Team C 1st Stage "Dì 1 Rénchēng" (Team C 1st Stage「第1人称」)

Team K

  • [2017.11.04 - ] Team K 1st Stage "Qíhuàn Jiāmiǎn Lǐ" (Team K 1st Stage「奇幻加冕禮」)

SNH48 Events

Fashion Awards

  • [2017.11.18] SNH48 Fashion Awards 3rd Edition

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