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Chirolyn is a Japanese bassist and singer-songwriter known best for his time in hide with Spread Beaver. In 2009, Chirolyn joined GACKT's band, GACKTJob.


  • Full Name: Watanabe Hiroshi (渡邊紘士)
  • Birth Date: October 14th, 1965
  • Birth Place: Shonan, Japan
  • Blood Type A
  • Height: 168cm


Chirolyn is a Japanese musician whose music can’t be specifically defined by one genre. His sound is that of rock, pop, and even tracks influenced by 1950s American music.

He was recruited into hide's solo band as bassist in 1994. Nothing is really known about HIROSHI, the band Chirolyn was part of before hide discovered him.

Although known mostly for his time in hide with Spread Beaver, Chirolyn has also released solo albums, as part of his band CHIROLYN & THE ANGELS and MADBEAVERS. He has done support work for many other Japanese artists including machine, Miyavi, Hotei Tomoyasu, BONNIE PINK and Koda Kumi.

In 2009, Chirolyn joined GACKT's band GACKTJob, during the GACKT VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 REQUIEM ET REMINISCENCE II FINAL ~Shinkon to Saisei~.

In 2010, Chirolyn helped INORAN as support bassist in his TOUR 2010 WATERCOLOR.





  • [1999.05.01] Kimi ni Aete Yokatta (君に会えてよかった; I'm Glad I Met You) (CHIROLYN & THE ANGELS)
  • [2001.05.09] Unmei (運命; Fate) (CHIROLYN & THE ANGELS)
  • [2001.09.19] Yume no El Dorado (夢のエルドラド; El Dorado's Dream) (CHIROLYN & THE ANGELS)
  • [2002.01.23] Kimi wa Kiseki wo Shinjirukai? (キミは奇跡を信じるかい?) (CHIROLYN & THE ANGELS)


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