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Cindy Yuvia

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Cindy Yuvia (2018)

Cindy Yuvia is an Indonesian Pop singer and idol managed by JKT48 Project. She is a second generation member of JKT48 and is currently on Team J.


JKT48 Song Participation


Single Participating Song Position/Unit
RIVER Sakura no Shiori
Mirai no Kajitsu
Yuuhi wo miteiru ka? Yuuhi wo miteiru ka?
1!2!3!4! YOROSHIKU!
Viva! Hurricane Center
Koisuru Fortune Cookie Koisuru Fortune Cookie
Baby! Baby! Baby! (Passionate Prayer Version)
Fortune Cookie in Love
Manatsu no Sounds Good! Manatsu no Sounds Good!
BINGO! Center w/ Melody
Summer Love Sounds Good!
Flying Get Flying Get
Korogaru Ishi ni Nare
Shoujotachi yo
Gingham Check Gingham Check
Boku wa Ganbaru
Sakura no Hanabiratachi
Gingham Check (English Version)
Kokoro no Placard Kokoro no Placard
Lucky Seven
Message on a Placard
Kaze wa Fuiteiru Kaze wa Fuiteiru
Eien Pressure Center
Sakura no Hanabiratachi
The Wind is Blowing
Pareo wa Emerald Pareo wa Emerald
Escape Center
Pareo is Your Emerald
Kibouteki Refrain Kibouteki Refrain
Saishuu Bell ga Naru
Refrain Full of Hope
Halloween Night Halloween Night
Don't Look Back! Center
Halloween Night (English Version)
Beginner Beginner
Kyusen Kyotei Center w/ Vienny
Beginner (English Version)
Mae Shika Mukanee Mae Shika Mukanee
Migi e Magare!
Always Looking Straight Ahead
LOVE TRIP How come? Center w/ Vienny & Kinal
Saikou ka yo Saikou ka yo
Scrap & Build
So long! So long!
Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe! Center w/ Ayu-chin
So long! (English Version)
Kimi no Hohoemi wo Yume ni Miru Kimi no Hohoemi wo Yume ni Miru
Your Gorgeous Smile is All I See
Kimi wa Melody Kimi wa Melody
Koko ni Ita Koto
Everyday, Katyusha / UZA Everyday, Katyusha
Ima Para Center
High Tension High Tension Center

Other Singles

Single Participating Song Position/Unit
We Wish You A Merry Christmas-Jingle Bells We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Jingle Bells


Album Participating Song Position/Unit
Mahagita 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki Center w/ Vienny
Sakurairo no Sora no Shita de
JKT48 Festival JKT Festival
Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo Center
Mirai no Tobira
B•E•L•I•E•V•E Gonna Jump Center

Stage Units

JKT48 Trainee 1st Stage "Pajama Drive"
JKT48 Trainee 2nd Stage "Boku no Taiyou"
JKT48 Team KIII 1st Stage "Boku no Taiyou"
JKT48 Team J 1st Stage "Renai Kinshi Jourei"
JKT48 Team KIII 2nd Stage "Seishun Girls"
JKT48 Team KIII Waiting Stage "Pajama Drive"
JKT48 Team KIII 3rd Stage "Saishuu Bell ga Naru"
JKT48 Team Bunga Matahari 1st Stage "Bunga Matahari"
JKT48 Team KIII B•E•L•I•E•V•E Show
JKT48 Team KIII 4th Stage "Saka Agari"
JKT48 Team J 4th Stage "Tadaima Renaichuu"
  • Faint (2nd Unit) (Center)

Concert Units

Perkenalkan, Nama Kami JKT48 - JKT48 5 Cities Concert Tour
Sparkling JKT48 - JKT48 1st National Tour
JKT48 2nd Anniversary Live in Concert
JKT48 Exclusive Live in Concert Yogyakarta
JKT48 3rd Anniversary Live in Concert
AKB48 x JKT48 Concert "Bergandengan Tangan Bersama Kakak"
"JKT48 Ada banyak rasa, Pilih suka rasa apa?" JKT48 LIVE in CONCERT
JKT48 Request Hour Setlist Best 30 2016
JKT48 Live in Concert "Wayahe Suroboyo, Rek!!"



  • [2014] VIVA JKT48

Web Series

  • [2017] Cinta Luar Biasa


  • [2017] Kesempurnaan Cinta


  • She joined JKT48 as a 2nd generation Trainee on November 3, 2012. She was promoted to Team KIII on June 25, 2013. She was transferred to Team J on May 27, 2018. She announced her graduation on March 30, 2019.


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