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Nakagawa Haruka

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Nakagawa Haruka (2017)

Nakagawa Haruka (仲川遥香) is a Japanese pop singer and idol managed by Production Ogi. She was the captain of JKT48's Team T, and was previously a full-time member of AKB48. She announced her graduation from JKT48 on February 27, 2016.


AKB48 Song Participation



Stage Units

Team B 1st Stage "Seishun Girls"
Team B 2nd Stage "Aitakatta"
Team B 3rd Stage "Pajama Drive"
Team B 4th Stage "Idol no Yoake"
THEATRE G-ROSSO "Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai"
Team A 6th Stage "Mokugekisha"

JKT48 Song Participation


Stage Units

Team J 1st Stage "Ren'ai Kinshi Jourei"


  • Originally a member of Team B, she was transferred to Team A during the team shuffle in March 2009. Her transfer to JKT48 was announced during the team shuffle in August 2012.
  • Is close friends with Kikuchi Ayaka.
  • Her oshimen is Masuda Yuka.
  • Favorite food: Sweets
  • Favorite drink: Juice
  • Favorite artist: AKB48
  • Favorite TV show: Sanma no Super Karakuri TV
  • Favorite anime: Sailormoon and Doraemon
  • Favorite magazine: BLT
  • Favorite season: Spring
  • Favorite sport: Baseball
  • Favorite word: "Thank You" ("ありがとう" / arigatou)
  • Favorite AKB single: RIVER
  • Favorite AKB stage song: Shonichi
  • Favorite AKB outfit: Glass no I Love You, Aitakatta
  • Likes colors that are glittering sparkly rainbow
  • Is bad at waking up early in the morning.
  • Has a TV in her bathroom, so that if she's watching something she can have a bath at the same time
  • Her father was a professional wrestler.
  • Hobbies: Watching idols and all about sports
  • Audition song: AKB48 - Sakura no Hanabiratachi


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