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Uchida Mayumi

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Uchida Mayumi (2015)
Uchida Mayumi (2014)
Uchida Mayumi (2013)
Uchida Mayumi (2012)
Uchida Mayumi (2011)
Uchida Mayumi (2010)
Uchida Mayumi (2009)

Uchida Mayumi (内田眞由美) is a Japanese pop singer and idol managed by AKS. She is a former member of AKB48 Team B.


  • Birth Name: Uchida Mayumi (内田眞由美)
  • Nickname: Ucchii (ウッチー), Uchida-san (内田さん), Iwachan (岩ちゃん)
  • Date of Birth: December 27, 1993 (1993-12-27) (age 24)
  • Place of Birth: Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 150cm
  • Bust: 80cm
  • Waist: 57.5cm
  • Hips: 86cm
  • Groups:


Compilations / Other

AKB48 Song Participation



Stage Units

AKB48 Team A 4th Stage "Tadaima Ren'aichuu" Revival
AKB48 Kenkyuusei "Tadaima Ren'aichuu"
AKB48 Team A 5th Stage "Ren'ai Kinshi Jourei"
AKB48 Team B 4th Stage "Idol no Yoake"
AKB48 Kenkyuusei "Idol no Yoake"
AKB48 Team K 6th Stage "RESET"
AKB48 Team K Waiting Stage
AKB48 Team K Waiting Stage II "Saishuu Bell ga Naru"
AKB48 Team K 7th Stage "RESET"




Photo Essays

Iwa ni Shimiiru "Uchida-san" no Koe

  • [2013.02.23] Iwa ni Shimiiru "Uchida-san" no Koe (岩にしみ入る“内田さん”の声)


  • Originally a 5th generation member of Kenkyuusei, she was promoted to Team K in August 2009.
    • She was announced to transfer to Team B during the AKB48 team shuffle in 2015, but graduated before the position took effect.
  • Came 1st place in the AKB48 19th Single Senbatsu Janken Taikai
  • Came 4th place in the AKB48 29th Single Senbatsu Janken Taikai
  • Owns a yakiniku restaurant named "Yakiniku IWA"

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