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Album Cover
CoCo Lee
CD Tracklist
  1. Jau Seong Tin Sai (憂傷天使; Distressed Angel)
  2. Zan Di Soeng Gin Dou Nei (真的想見到你; Really Want to See You)
  3. Haa Ci Siu Sam (下次小心; Next Time Take Care)
  4. Naam Jyu Zi Caang (男女之爭; Male-Female Debate)
  5. Nim Nim Bat Mong (念念不忘; Constantly Keep in Mind)
  6. 2090 Nin Zoi Ngoi Nei (2090年再愛你; Love You Again in Year 2090)
  7. Jyu Wan (餘溫; Extra Soft)
  8. Caa Bat Do Sin Saang (差不多先生; Mr. Almost)
  9. Jyu Gu Nei Kyut Deng Bat Ngoi Ngo (如果你決定不愛我; If You Decide Not to Love Me)
  10. Man Zi Gei (問自己; Ask Yourself)


COCO is the first and only Cantonese album released by CoCo Lee.

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