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Crazy 4 U

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Koda Kumi
Crazy 4 U
Catalog Number
  1. Crazy 4 U
  2. Yume With You (夢 With You) (Original: Kubota Toshinobu)
  3. Crazy 4 U (Akakage's crazy love Remix)
  4. Crazy 4 U (Instrumental)
  5. Yume With You (Instrumental) (夢 With You)


"Crazy 4 U" is the tenth single released by Koda Kumi. The main track was used as the opening theme of the Japanese anime series "Gilgamesh". "Crazy 4 U" was the first single in which Koda Kumi used her "ero-kakkoi" (erotic but cool) image, but despite her sexy appearance in the promotional video, the single still sold poorly. The single reached #12 on the Oricon charts and charted for 6 weeks. This single sold 11,919 units in it's first week and the most recent figures show that it has sold a total of 28,272 units.

Song Information

Watabe Miki
Watabe Miki
Other Information
Arrangement: AKIRA


There are four versions of "Crazy 4 U" to be currently found in Koda Kumi's discography.

Crazy 4 U (Original)
Found on this single as track #1.
Found on feel my mind as track #2.
Found on BEST ~first things~ as track #12 on the CD1.
Crazy 4 U (Akakage's crazy love Remix)
Found on this single as track #3.
Crazy 4 U (Instrumental)
Found on this single as track #4.
Crazy 4 U (World Sketch Remix)
Found on Driving Hit's as track #4.

Oricon Chart Positions

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