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Dai Tenshi no You ni

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Album Cover
Dai Tenshi no You ni (大天使のように; Like an Archangel)
1995.11.22 (CD reissue)
Catalog Number
28BA-24 (LP)
28TB-24 (Cassette)
30CH-323 (CD)
TECN-15320 ('95 reissue)
¥1,529 ('95 reissue)
  1. Watashi wa Koko de Goka (私は孤高で豪華; I Am an Isolated Luxury)
  2. Funnu no Kawa (憤怒の河; River of Rage)
  3. Haitoku Nante Kowakunai (背徳なんて怖くない; Not Afraid of Immorality)
  4. Bojo no Tsumi (棒状の罪; Rod Shaped Sin)
  5. Tetsu no Hi (鉄の火; Fire of Iron)
  6. Inori no Machi (祈りの街; The City of Prayer)
  7. Saru Shigatsu no Nijuroku Nichi (去る四月の二十六日; Leaving on April 26th)
  8. My God
  9. Mori ni Sumu (森に棲む; Forest Dwelling)
  10. Dai Tenshi no You ni (大天使のように; Like an Archangel)


Dai Tenshi no You ni is the second album released by YAPOOS. The album reached #36 on Oricon charts, and charted for 4 weeks.

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