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Dragon Zakura

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Dragon Zakura Volume 1

ドラゴン桜 (Romaji: Dragon Zakura) is a Japanese dorama based on a manga of the same name. It aired in the summer season of 2005.

Dragon Zakura is about a washed up lawyer named Sakuragi Kenji (Abe Hiroshi) who tries to turn a bankrupt school for delinquents around in order to save his career. He organizes a "special class" which meets separately from the rest of the school and that has only one goal in mind: Tokyo University. Through some scheming, he recruits six students (Yajima Yuusuke, Mizuno Naomi, Ogata Hideki, Kousaka Yoshino, Okuno ichirou, and Kobayashi Maki) and a "slave" teacher (Ino Mamako) to do his bidding and they begin their long way towards the Tokyo University Entrance Exams.


The original Dragon Zakura manga was written by Mita Norifusa (三田紀房) and published in 2003.


Dragon Zakura

The dorama version of Dragon Zakura was broadcast from July 8th, 2005 to September 16th, 2005. The theme song is "realize" by melody. and the insert song is "Colorful" by Yamashita Tomohisa. Dragon Zakura consists of 11 episodes.



  • 46th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor (Abe Hiroshi)

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